Hi, We're ByteGamingDE,

About Us

We are a small gaming community, with 5 administrators who take care of server and user issues.

ByteGamingDE is not a clan in the classical sense. Rather, we are a group of friends who now and then, more or less loosely play some online games together. We are not committed to certain games and there are no fixed competition dates and clan wars.


We have a Public Teamspeak Server, where everyone is welcome to hangout and chat. Be respectful, be nice, don't bother other and you will enjoy your stay


We also have a very inactive Discord Server. You may join and hangout and chat with others (if anyone is there). But it is nothing really special, has only a handful of text and voice channel and offers no real benefit, besides beeing a backup when the TS is not working.

We currently have a Public Minecraft Server, compatible with both Java and Bedrock Version 1.18 and above. Just join Server and Start playing. No Ranking systems, pay-2-win stuff or anything, just mostly a plain-old vanilla SMP, with some Grief Prevention to protect your builds.

The only rules are, DON'T BE A JERK! Which means don't post or build offenisve or illegal stuff and repect others and their buildings!

A Dynmap is available at mc.bgde.net

From time to time there might also be some game servers and in rare cases these might even be hosted on a public server, meant for this purpose. But do not expect this website to be updated by then :)


We have an inactive Steam Group, as well as inactive Battlefield 3 and 4 Platoon, a dead Twitteraccount and an empty Youtube Channel. Feel free to join or follow any of these, but there probably won't happen much :)

You can also try to write an email, but no promises it will be read or even answered. If you really want to reach out, your best bet is Teamspeak or maybe, sometimes Discord.